Audio Story – Specialist In Personal Training


Through this procedure of initialising the questions, interviewing the interviewee and editing the voice recording, I seemed to acknowledge things I could have done better and things I achieved well.

I found all my questions were quite interesting and open ended, therefore giving the interviewee a chance to speak about the specific topic in a broad manner. I had also made a couple of extra questions just incase the interviewee gave short answers to make sure it covered the duration that was needed for this assessment. The questions were written down on a piece of paper in big writing so I didn’t get lost through the interview.

I felt as though with the interview, I did create a quiet environment, although there was a bit of echo through the room which was noticed in the recording. Through Taylor speaking there were times I noticed myself speaking over him e.g. saying “ok” or agreeing with his statement. Next time I will consider to stay quiet and show acknowledgement through smiling and nodding as it did come across distracting. Through the interview I aimed to achieve a high level of rappor through eye contact, smiling and conversing with him during the interview.

Editing the video was probably the hardest part of the process, as I wouldn’t classify myself great with computers and editing apps. I also found it difficult with my little knowledge to be able to cut out his language errors including “um”and “like” in a way that came of unnoticeable.

Through this whole process, I was able to recognise how much I enjoy interviewing people as the interviewee can share experiences and knowledge that you may have not known before. Although I was anxious about going out of my way to interview a stranger, I noticed people are much more eager to be an interviewee.