Career Objective

As an individual interested in the media and entertainment industry, there are many different roles to be involved in. I particuarly find it difficult to limit myself because many of these roles appeal to me. I look at this quality in a positive way as I understand that it is benficial to have a wide range of knowledge that can be used in many different career paths, and im also able to apply these skills I have learnt on a day to day basis. As I dont have a specific career objective at this time, I see this as an oppurtunity to explore avenues in the industry.

I also am aware of my own personal attributes in the way that I love to communicate with individuals and learn about peoples experiences, values and ideas. With my outgoing nature I also find myself to be approachable and not afriad to go out of my comfort zone as it gives me the chance to grow and exceed in learning more. Constantly using social media throughout the day, gives me the chance to find news stories and connect with the world on a global level. My skills involve hard work, determination, innovative ideas and a creative aspect towards all projects.

If I was to choose a carreer path it would most likely veer towards TV presenting, Radio Announcing, and Journalism as these job titles focus on both entertainment and news.

Talk shows such as “The Project”, breakfast shows and Radio stations appeal to me as I enjoy working as a team and discussing certain topics with a group whilst also using scripts and presenting on camera/microphone. I find it interesting how a person can use both physcical and vocal techniques to create a persona on a certain form of media to intrigue the audience. Carrie Bradshaw, Hamish and And and Kyle and Jackio are all idols to me and I aim to succeed and entertain viewers in a similar format.

Journalism also interests me as I find it a challanging position, in the way that I can find these stories on my own through investigation and research. I believe this is something I would be determined to do on a regular basis. Journalism also gives you an open door to explore and know more about the world and express this knowledge through media.

My short term goals are to work as a volunteer in an organisation and through this experience, develop a more specific career objective. As a part of this I will also continue to study and grow my knowledge to pin point my career objective so I can more confident to be sucessfull in the media industry. Through my short term goals I will also aim to create a Youtube account where I can discuss topics or create podcasts with a partner to futhur enhance my communication skills and confidence.

As I was mentored by Bev Jordan (a journalist) for the The Hills Shire Times newspaper during school, it would be a perfect oppourtunity to contact her for advice and even ask for volunteer work to achieve my own objectives and build my resume as she covered many different aspects through her work. This included announcing news on Mondays for the community radio station, writing articles, editing and visiting the local police station to acess crime stories in the hills district.

My teachers through my studies at tafe including Natalie Pozdeev and Verity Chambers have worked in the media industry for years, and through their expertise, I am also comfortable to be able to ask questions and gain more of an understanding. Through this assistance, I will be able to identify a career objective.

Although I havent found my career objective as of yet, I am definetly looking forward to learning more as i connect well with screen and media, and I do have a passion for this subject.